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You're called the "AXE Punk", for one good reason-- you wield and throw around an axe.

Yeah, that's a pretty good reason.

The Nexus, the central intelligence that controls everything, has trapped you and left you to die in an empty void. Except its not empty, as it contains 1) an endless horde of his minions, and 2) a way out of there.

You then formulate your plan:
1. Destroy enough of his minons to collect bytes (1 minion killed = 1 byte). Killing off minions in quick succession will yield more bytes.

2. Power the jump pad (your way out) with a quarter of a kilobyte, or 256 bytes.

3. Try not to die while doing so. Also, try not to make the Nexus angrier. He tends to make the background red and his minions stronger when he's angry.

AD to move around. SPACEBAR to jump.

Click anywhere to throw your axe.

P to pause, R to restart.

Developer's Note: Sorry if it seems rushed, because it sure as hell is.